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Hakeem-ayaz Hashmi
Hakeem Ayaz hashmi


Hakeem Ayaz Uddin Hashmi

B.U.M.S, C.N.C.C, F.R.H.S, F.W.S.I.M, PHD & PSYD, LLB (Gold Medalist Sexologist)

Hakeem Ayaz Uddin Hashmi has a strong natural tendency towards philanthropic activities. This tendency towards public good runs in the Hashmi family.

His father, Late Hakeem Mehtabuddin Hashmi (Gold Medalist) was a renowned Unani Hakeem who founded Hashmi Dawakhana which has later grown into an International name in Unani treatment by his yonger son Hakeem Ayaz Uddin Hashmi. Though his philanthropic mother, Smt. Shakira Begum, comes from a rural and conservative background with woman hood to her disadvantage, she has practically devoted her life to the uplift and welfare of women from the downtrodden sections of society. She has done creditable work in the field of women empowerment. She is the Chairperson of Hashmi Human Resources Development Society.

He has inherited this worthy trait from his worthy forefathers. Hakeem Ayaz Uddin Hashmi is married to Mrs. Eram Hashmi and has two daughters . Mrs. Eram Hashmi is a Post Graduate & LLB. She also has acquired IT education by obtaining Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications.

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