He joined the students’ political wing of his college ( NSUI). He still considers himself a student and always reiterates, “Learning is a never ending process”.

Hakeem Ayaz uddin Hashmi always felt drawn to social and political movement’s right from his early youth days owing to prevailing political ambiance within his family and home. The Hashmi’s are a typical Congress family. They have been actively involved in public service oriented activities under the aegis of Congress. He had witnessed active loyalty towards the Congress party since his childhood. His pull to socio-political movements has always been automatic, spontaneous and natural. During his college days, he read a book on Shri Rajiv Gandhi. It had a deep and instant impact on his subsequent life. It transformed his life like anything. The charisma and magnetism of Rajiv Gandhi’s persona were enough to mesmerize the young Hashmi. Since then, Hakeem Ayaz uddin Hashmi practically imbibed the traits of Shri Rajiv Gandhi into himself.