Hakeem Ayaz Uddin Hashmi has been awarded by many prominent organizations for his invaluable services in the field of Polio,Education, Eradication, Shanti,a Polution-free envioronment and AIDS.

Hakeem Ayaz Hashmi has been honoured by Al-Ibad Welfare Trust for his tireless service of Tsunami victims in the year 2005. He was conferred with Rajdhani Ratna award in the year 2006 by Dr. Ashok Kumar Walia (Minister), and Mr. Joginder Singh (Director CBI) and with Rajdhani Ratna Gold Medal in the year 2007 by Dr GVG Krishnamurthy (Election Commissioner) for excellence in practicing Unani system of medicines.

Hakeem Ayaz Hashmi has been honoured by All India Tanzeem Ulema-e-Haq Hakim Lukman award 2009 & 2012.